A Home Away from Home at Cabrini
29 August 2020

Hospitals, by their very nature, can be confronting places to visit. Fast-paced and unfamiliar, a night on the wards can have many patients longing for home comforts. Cabrini’s new Gandel Wing challenges that stereotype – it’s a hospital environment that feels like home.

The new seven-storey building design has been created from the perspective of the patient. The result is a state-of-the-art medical facility that helps to allay patient anxiety and strengthen interactions between staff, patients and their families.

Excellence in clinical care.

The new wing supports the latest in innovative clinical care, equipment and practices, all centered on a better outcome for patients. Facilities include:

  • expanded maternity facilities to cater for some of life’s most precious moments
  • a light-filled oncology unit, which offers a more comfortable and calming experience for patients and their families. New private treatment pods provide greater privacy and comfort for patients
  • state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment will reduce treatment time and streamline the treatment process. The new technology focuses on sparing healthy tissue, resulting in better overall survival rates and quality of life
  • an improved cardiac services unit to provide rapid, responsive and reliable care for all heart problems – including early diagnosis, interventional and paediatric cardiology, as well as open heart surgery and rehabilitation
  • a ward dedicated to care for the elderly, with a focus on reducing falls and minimising the stress of delirium or conditions such as dementia.

Connecting patients with love and support.

The building design emphasises the natural environment. Studies show that well-designed hospital environments can reduce patients’ anxiety and stress and aid the healing process.

“Many things have changed since our humble beginnings more than 70 years ago but our commitment to helping the vulnerable in our community with compassion and respect has not wavered. We continue to place our patients at the centre of everything we do, as we strive to provide them with the best possible care.” Sylvia Falzon, Cabrini Board Chairman.

Pictured: Cabrini Staff (image courtesy of Cabrini Health Australia)