Back to school with brand new classrooms at Sacred Heart Primary
29 August 2020

Good things come to those who wait. For five years the staff, families and students at Sacred Heart Primary School in Diamond Creek have been waiting for their extensive development project to be completed. Finally, the wait is over and the newly refurbished building is ready!

And just in time too, explains Gina Murphy, Deputy Principal. ‘The students are so excited, coming back after the COVID-19 school-ground closure. For us, it’s wonderful that they’re returning to the refurbished building with exciting new learning spaces.

Collaboration is the key focus for the building design. Eight classrooms were re-designed to allow for greater interactions between students in the same year level. While students still have their own class, they are grouped around learning levels for work throughout the day. They study in settings that range from formal classroom seating, to smaller break-out spaces as well as pods for individual silent work.

The building features a lot of natural light, and spaces are linked in a way that allows people to transition through spaces without disturbing learning. Gina speaks about the effect of the internal and external building design:

The light and flow within the newly refurbished building has already led to new ideas for our teachers and students alike. It’s amazing to see how these new classrooms are creating changes within people.  

The front of the school will soon feature a new pathway and a large open garden that encourages (socially responsible) gatherings of parents. This garden encourages people to linger and to take time to speak with one another, rather than just rushing in and out of a traditional school-front entrance.’

She concludes, ‘This project has created a great energy throughout the entire school community. We’re really thankful for CDF’s support, particularly from Rowena Gonzales our Relationship Manager, who made the whole loan application a very easy process.’