Good News for Employees of
Catholic Organisations

Reach your savings goal while also supporting the community, with a Mission Saver Plus account.

esigned specifically for employees of Catholic organisationsour Mission Saver Plus account
rewards those working in 
the Catholic sector with a bonus interest rate provided an additional
investment is made each month alongside no withdrawals. 

Not only will your savings be fast-tracked, but your investment with CDF Community Fund also provides
a way for you to
 contribute back to the community through the loans we provide – giving organisations like
the one you work for 
every possible chance to continue the works that the Gospel calls on them to do. 

Open a Mission Saver Plus account

Why choose a Mission Saver Plus account?


Earn a bonus interest rate

Under the Mission Saver Plus account, you will receive a bonus interest rate, provided your balance grows by at least $1 each month*.

No monthly fees for active accounts

There are no monthly account fees for active accounts or online transfer fees.

Manage your account any time

Log-in and access your account via our customer portal online, anytime, anywhere.

A way to save while doing good

Your savings will help provision loans for Catholic organisations – from hospital wings to safe havens for the homeless, classrooms for the young and parish halls for community gatherings, we support these organisations, like the ones you work for, in fulfilling their mission.

*Only client generated investments will be accepted and does not include interest earned. Client generated investments are investments initiated by the client such as an electronic funds transfer or a direct debit. View the Mission Saver Plus Information Statement.

“I have taught at Avila College for 34 years. Throughout that time, I have also held a CDF Community Fund savings account which has been there for all the milestones in my life: overseas trips, preparing for the arrival of babies, schoolbooks and uniforms, 21st Birthday parties – and now, for more of my own adventures.  

Directly credited from my salary, CDF Community Fund has made it easier to tuck money away, while also supporting Catholic schools. It always surprises me how quickly the funds accumulate! While the Fund has moved with the times, it’s maintained a small community feeling – I have the convenience of online access but I can also enjoy a chat with Richard over the phone whenever I have a query.”

Michelle Hanger

Teacher, Avila College

Other ways to save while doing good

If you’re looking for the terms and timeframes that are right for you, while meeting your long-term savings goals, consider a Term Investment account with CDF Community Fund.

Put your faith into action while supporting important development projects in Catholic schools, health organisations, social services and parishes.

Help your Parish with an offering

Another way to support your local Catholic community is with an offering to your Parish.

If you missed the weekend collection, or would like to give to your parish online, simply follow the link, find you parish and choose your offering amount. Each offering will be credited directly into the parish account and will assist your local Catholic community with its many important pastoral activities.

Click here to find your parish and give today.