GOOD NEWS: Called to Serve at St Angela of the Cross, Warragul
27 January 2021

We’d like to congratulate the foundational class of St Angela of the Cross Warragul, who begin school this week. 

The brand-new school is named after St Angela, a Spanish saint known for helping the poor and sick, and whose ethos is reflected in the school’s motto Called to Serve.’ 

CDF is proud to have provided the loan that built the school. The initial development consists of five new classrooms, an administration facility, a sports facility oval and a netball court; all completed in time to welcome the new students in 2021. The design of the school is multi-level, and it is painted in vibrant colours, offering a sense of energy and possibility to all who enter the grounds. 

Justin Greenwood, the newly appointed School Principal is looking forward to the start of term. His vision for the school is to create a strong academic environment, alongside an emphasis on personal development. Flexible learning spaces will be prominent throughout the school providing an environment where children can learn from one another as well as from their teachers. 

In addition to academic results there is a strong focus on establishing a community that will follow in the footsteps of St Angela. There will be regular social justice initiatives and an already strong committee that will be oversee fundraisers, ongoing partnerships with charities and helping those in need within the local community. 

Justin says, as the foundation principal of St Angela’s Primary School, I’m excited to work with others to build our community, following in the spirit of St Angela of the Cross. I’m thankful for CDF’s support that meant our vision has become reality this week. 

Pictured: (above) St Angela of the Cross new school grounds and (below) Concept of the new building in Warragul.