GOOD NEWS from the Capuchins Friars in South Melbourne
1 March 2021

Nourishing body and soul within our community

The Capuchin Friars are a Catholic Religious Order of priests and brothers committed to living the Gospel as a brotherhood. There are over 10,500 friars across the world in 100 countries. Inspired by the life and writings of St Francis of Assisi, they strive to authentically live a life of prayer, fraternity and ministry as brothers in simplicity, humility and joy.  

Melbourne is blessed to have the presence of the Capuchin Friars located in Hawthorn and South Melbourne. For the past three years, Bro. Michael O Dwyer OFMCAP, along with this fellow Capuchins and parish volunteers, have been assisting the poor and homeless. 

The Friars prepare between 40 and 70 nourishing, delicious and wholesome meals each day at the Open House Kitchen. This is a space where they welcome the poor and marginalised to share food, hot drinks and fellowshipBro. Michael and the team believe that the time spent talking with people and acknowledging them, is as important as the meals themselves. 

In addition to Open House Kitchen, the Friars also serve food to the homeless on the streets twice a week from their soup van. Working together they create a place of welcome, conversation and human comfort for all who need support. 

The Capuchin Friars have had a savings account with CDF for nearly 20 yearsFr John Spiteri is impressed with the efficient, quick and positive service they experience, every time they contact their Relationship Manager, Aaron Gupta 

Fr John says, “The values of CDF align to ours, and it gives us peace of mind knowing our money is secure. I know that by placing our funds with CDF, these will in turn be used for loans that support others, like us, who are helping others in the community.