Our Customers: Borrowers and Investors

Through the pooling of Church funds, CDF offers support for development projects such as new buildings, remodelling of existing spaces and also refurbishments. CDF’s investors share the value of wanting their investment to benefit the Catholic communities who are requiring capital funding to help them grow.


Our Products and Services

We offer a variety of product and services for Catholic organisations including:


A competitive rate of return and a range of ways transactions can be managed via:
  • Savings and Transactional Accounts
  • Fixed Term Investments
  • Cheque Accounts
  • Over the counter transactions at National Australia Bank branches
Flexible and tailored loans to fund a variety of development projects. These include:
  • Term loans
  • Bridging loans
  • Overdraft facility
  • Line of Credit facility
Transactional Services
Innovative payment solutions include:
  • CDFpay: a payment gateway for accepting online payments for auxiliary transactions within schools or thanksgiving offerings in parishes
  • CDF Payroll Services: payroll processing and management
CDF Online
Allows online access and a range of convenient features relating to organisational accounts including:
  • Account running balance, transaction history and statements
  • Funds transfer
  • Upload batch creditor payments and batch direct debits
  • Make individual or batch BPAY payments
Merchant Facilities
Access to merchant services, at discounted rates, through our partnership with National Australia Bank:
  • EFTPOS merchant terminals
  • Commercial credit cards
  • BPAY Biller Services
  • Card Collection Services
  • NAB Transact