Tap & Give with CDF

Collecting small donations for your Church or organisation is now simple and effective with a Tap & Give terminal (Quest Donation Point Tap). Giving people the flexibility to donate using cards rather than cash means they are able to contribute to their parish community in in the way that’s easiest for them. This also means that over time you’re likely to increase your parish revenue.

The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) has partnered with Quest Payment Systems to offer Catholic agencies and churches an affordable, and portable ‘Tap & Give’ device. These counter-top devices quickly accept low-value card donations; these donations are automatically deposited straight into a CDF account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Tap & Give? 

Tap & Give is a contactless electronic device that will enable Parishes or organisations to quickly accept low-value card collections, which are automatically deposited into their CDF account.

What are the benefits of using Tap & Give? 
Tap & Give saves time cash-counting for collections and candle sales. The Tap & Give device can be utilised as a portable device in or outside the church grounds or can also be used at a fixed location. Tap & Give also allows for the collection and/or donation amount to be customised depending on the event and use.

Does the Tap and Give terminal need to be connected to power at all times? 
Yes, the Tap & Give terminal needs to be powered by either through the power adapter to a power source or using a portable power bank.

Does the Tap & Give terminal need to be connected to the internet? 
No, the terminal has a 4G connection to the internet itself so no further internet connection is required. Once plugged in, the Tap & Give device will automatically connect itself to the internet.

What kinds of payments are accepted with Tap & Give? 
Tap & Give terminals accept payment with just a tap from your EFTPOS, Mastercard and Visa card (including devices such as smartphones, rings and watches).

Can the value on the Tap & Give device be changed? 
Yes, the collection value on the Tap & Give can be changed. Please contact your CDF Relationship Manager or the CDF Client Services team on Tel: 1800 134 135 to change the dollar amount.

Do parishioners receive a tax-deductible receipt when donating with the Tap & Give device? 
No receipts are issued when fundraising via Tap & Give. If a receipt is requested, please ask the individual to reference their account statement.

Is Tap & Give safe? 
The donations via a Tap & Give device are fully encrypted.

Did you know?

Pictured above: South Yarra Parish

Tap & Give terminals can be used for a variety of purposes, such as:

  • thanksgiving collections
  • fundraisers
  • donations
  • raffles

The Tap & Give device makes it easy to collect electronic payments whenever and wherever needed!

Contact your CDF Relationship Manager or one of our team members on 1800 134 135 for more information.