GOOD NEWS: Introducing CDFpay to St Patrick’s Cathedral
15 December 2020

With Melbourne in lockdown St Patrick’s Cathedrallike many other parishes have been live streaming daily Mass for the past nine months. This has enabled people from all over Melbourne and further afield to participate in daily Mass, whilst still being nourished by the word of God 

Parishionersasked for a way they could continue to make offerings to the Church or presbytery accounts during this difficult time, because they knew support would be needed by many in the community, more than ever.  

CDF was able to help with this through the development of CDFpay, an online giving platform allowing parishioners and the wider faith community to easily make an offering to the Cathedral or their local parish. Parishioners simply go to the link provided and make their contributions to either the Church account or the presbytery account 

Fr Werner, Dean of St Patrick’s Cathedral has been thankful for the generosity of the community and the effectiveness of the tool that CDF has developed.  He said many locals, people from across Australia as well from around the globe have digitally visited the Cathedral this year and have given using CDFpayOne gentleman living Italy said it helped him to have a connection back to Melbourne, knowing he was providing funds for much needed local support.    

Fr Werner said, “CDFpay is an excellent and very worthwhile initiative in times of crisis. It is a great way to connect to people and allow people to contribute.”

Click here to find out more about CDFpay for Parishes.

Fr Werner at St Patrick’s Cathedral.